Most of the time, when someone is having trouble booking an appointment it is specific to a particular browser/computer/smartphone and sometimes it has to do with an add/script blocker that is running on the browser or the customer may be using the back button. If you have access to a different browser or computer or smart phone, please try to book your appointment on one of them and instead of using the back button use the navigation links. If you still have trouble make sure that the browser(s) that you are using do not have an add/script blocker running.

If you still have trouble after trying the options mentioned above, please CONTACT US.

Include your login information (First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Email) and appointment details (Type of Service, Date of Service and Vehicle). And for future help, please tell us what web browser you are using and does it have any script blocking or ad blocking extensions installed.

Hopefully with this information we can recreate the problem that you are experiencing and create a solution.

"Thank You...Very Much!"